About us

Alicia Fernández and Perla Martínez were the teachers in charge of placing the inaugural stone of what is now the Victoria Ocampo School. Founders of an educational project with particularities and special contents.

On March 6, 1989, the house located in Lavalle 15, the first seat of the College, modified its appearance and was filled with joy. It was the beginning of the Lectivo Cycle and the initial 36 students, together with teachers and family members, entered the institution for the first time to fulfill the roles that life had assigned them at that time and place.

The academic and human formation of the initiators Alicia and Perla, signaled the fundamental features of the proposal - by then only primary. Thus the transmission of education adjusted to the canons of the curricula of the time also contemplated the decided progress in the construction of a charismatic environment that would later result in the humanistic essence of the Victoria Ocampo School.

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